Restore Your Smile with Dental Crowns & Bridges in Ajax, ON

If you’re struggling with damaged or missing teeth, dental crowns and bridges from Discovery Dental in Ajax, ON, might be the solution you've been searching for. Dental crowns and bridges are versatile solutions that can transform your smile and quality of life. At our renowned dental bridge clinic, we offer personalized treatment plans to ensure your dental restoration meets your specific needs and expectations.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are custom-made caps that cover a damaged or decayed tooth, restoring its strength, shape, and function. These crowns are typically crafted from porcelain, ceramic, or metal alloys, ensuring durability and a natural appearance.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. They consist of one or more artificial teeth called pontics anchored to adjacent natural teeth or dental implants. Bridges not only fill gaps in your smile but also help maintain proper dental alignment and function. Our dental bridge services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient, ensuring a seamless integration with your natural teeth.

Placement Procedure:

The process of getting dental crowns or bridges involves multiple steps:

  • Consultation: Your dentist will evaluate your oral health and discuss the best treatment plan based on your needs.
  • Tooth Preparation: The damaged tooth is reshaped for crowns to accommodate the crown. For bridges, the adjacent teeth are prepared as abutments.
  • Impressions: Precise impressions of your teeth are taken to ensure a secure fit for your crown or bridge.
  • Temporary Restoration: While your custom crown or bridge is being crafted, you'll receive a temporary one to protect your teeth.
  • Fitting and Adjustment: Once your permanent restoration is ready, it's fitted, checked for proper alignment, and adjusted as needed.
  • Permanent Placement: The final crown or bridge is securely bonded, restoring your smile's functionality and aesthetics.

What benefits do crowns and bridges offer?

Dental crowns and bridges look natural and blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, enhancing your smile's beauty. These restorations enable you to eat, speak, and chew comfortably. They’re designed to withstand daily wear and tear, lasting many years with proper care. Replacing missing teeth or strengthening damaged ones, these restorations help maintain your oral health and prevent further issues. A complete and healthy smile can boost your self-esteem and overall well-being. With our specialized orthodontic bridges services, we are committed to providing solutions that not only improve aesthetics but also function perfectly with your bite alignment.

If you're experiencing dental issues, contact us today to determine if these restorations are the right choice for you.

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  • Replace one or more missing teeth
  • Strengthen tooth structure
  • Maintain proper bite alignment
  • Enjoy your favourite foods again
  • Flaunt a strong and healthy smile!